crispy truffle brie bites

Crispy Truffle Brie Bites with Jam

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3 cups high heat cooking oil (rice bran or canola)

1 10-oz wheel Point Reyes Truffle Brie

½ cup flour

1 egg, beaten

½ cup plain breadcrumbs

Coarse sea salt to finish

Berry or fig jam

In a small, deep pan over medium-high heat, heat oil to between 350-375°.

While oil is heating, prepare brie for frying. 

Set up 3 medium-size bowls – the first with flour, the second with beaten egg and the third bowl with breadcrumbs. 

Cut brie wheel into 8 triangles.  Skewer each triangle from the outside rind, poking skewer in as deep as possible without it coming out at the point end. 

One skewer at a time, dredge brie triangle in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs.  Place prepared skewers on plate or tray until oil is heated.

When oil is ready, one at a time, gently lower brie into oil while holding on to the skewer as a handle.  You’ll want to angle the skewer slightly so the brie doesn’t fall off the end.  Turn skewer occasionally until brie is uniformly brown on all sides.  Remove to a paper towel-lined plate.  Continue with remaining skewers until all are cooked. Sprinkle generously with coarse sea salt.

Serve warm with jam for dipping.