a woman’s place is running a business

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company has been awarded official certification from The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). The largest certifier of business owners and entrepreneurs, they also granted us Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification.

Certified Women Owned (Desktop sized) Certified Women Owned (Mobile sized)

“As co-owners and co-leaders, my sisters and I are so proud to have met the rigorous criteria of WBENC to become a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, and thankful to the organization for all they do to support women-owned businesses. WBENC certification will open sales opportunities with government and institutional organizations that have diversity and inclusion purchasing policies. More importantly, the certification highlights our commitment to diversity, employee empowerment, and progressive policies towards inclusion.”

Collage of Women (Desktop Sized) Collage of Women (Mobile Sized)

“Our focus is to create a work environment that supports women with work life balance, strong leadership and opportunities for growth. As a family business, we contribute to the economy and our local community with a woman’s perspective on enhancing personal and professional development. We care about the big things and little things in life, understanding that women wear many hats. Over 55% of our workforce are women and we lead by example.”

Girl Power!

“We are also especially proud to be in the good company of other WBENC-certified businesses and we look forward to being active participants in the organization by contributing to the support of other businesses led by women. Our inclusion in this group honors the legacy of strong women in our family history that pushed us to become the leaders that we are today.”

Adi Employee holding cheese 1 Theresa Jones Michi McKillip Aida Danny Vitali Cathy Yarger Employee holding cheese 2