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Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company celebrates diversity in the workplace. No matter where our employees come from, what language they speak, how they worship or who they love, we support them as individuals. We are a company comprised of immigrants, who share in the desire to prosper, raise our children in a safe environment and be respected in the workplace. We stand together against bigotry and discrimination.

We take pride in being a great company to work for and we want our employees to feel at home in our open culture. Each and every person who works with us is an important contributor of a team effort and should feel rewarded, challenged and productive while maintaining work-life balance. Because our success depends upon the happiness of our employees, we are highly selective in choosing new members of our team.

Our Mission:
Customer happiness, employee well-being and environmental sustainability are the priorities of our multi-generational, women-owned, family business, in order to produce and sell the highest quality milk and cheese.

creamery team smiling
creamery team smiling
employees with arms around each other on pasture