cow on pasture

the farm

a model for sustainable agriculture

Because the happiness of our cows depends on healthy diets and land stewardship, sustainability is placed above all else. We harvest methane-powered renewable energy. Water is conserved through innovative reuse and recycling programs and we manage our nutrient-rich pastures with careful attention to erosion control. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions we use farming practices that maximize carbon sequestration. To ensure cow comfort we've recently installed state-of-the-art robotic technology in our two dairy parlors.

The farm has sustained our family for going on four generations. So, we feel honored, and obliged, to respect it in every way possible. Not only as a legacy to pass along to our children and their children. But as an example for farming that promotes healthy food and a healthy environment for everyone.

To learn more about our farming practices, check out this video from Sustainable Conservation's 25th Anniversary: