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 The Victory Cheese Collection represents two decades of cheesemaking since we launched our artisan creamery in 2000. You’ll enjoy the five core cheeses in our product line, each one its own representation of our high quality California milk.

The pack includes:

  • 6oz. Toma
  • 5oz. Aged Gouda
  • 5oz. Bay Blue
  • 6oz. Original Blue
  • 10oz. Quinta (whole wheel)
  • Cheese Knife

Note: In rare cases, in order to ensure prompt delivery, we may need to substitute items of equal value.

Now, what exactly is Victory Cheese?? 

Victory Cheese is a national movement dedicated to the success of American cheese and we're thrilled to support it with the sale of each gift pack.

The covid-19 crisis left the American cheesemaking community vulnerable. As restaurants shuttered and retailers reconfigured their inventory, the demand for hand crafted. specialty cheese waned, creating instability for the country's family dairy farms, cheesemakers, distributors, restaurants, and retailers.

These interdependent people and their businesses reflect decades of hard work, risk, passion and ingenuity. Cheese has helped immigrants find their way in a new world. Cheese has built businesses that keep land and jobs in agriculture. Cheese has inspired chefs and nourished families.

For every purchase of the Victory Cheese gift pack, we are donating 15% to the artisan cheese community, via the American Cheese Society.  Victory Cheese funds go toward education and networking activities that assist small artisan cheesemakers with production and profitability.

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