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The Cheese Cares Collection represents two decades of cheesemaking since we launched our artisan creamery in 2000. You’ll enjoy the five core cheeses in our product line, each one its own representation of our high-quality California milk. For every purchase of the Cheese Cares gift pack, we are donating 15% to the California Association of Food Banks, read more below.  

The pack includes: 

  • 6oz. Original Blue 
  • 6oz. Toma 
  • 5oz. Gouda 
  • 5oz. Bay Blue 
  • 10oz. Quinta (whole wheel) 
  • Cheese Knife 

    Note: In rare cases, in order to ensure prompt delivery, we may need to substitute items of equal value.


    Now, what exactly does “Cheese Cares” mean? We work hard for our success –directly supporting our bottom line, the livelihoods of our employees and the economic health of our local community. Additionally, our success enables our ongoing ability to promote charitable efforts that benefit our staff, our neighbors and our beliefs. 

    Cheese Cares is the embodiment of this commitment – how we leverage our platform through promotional fundraising, in kind donations, matching programs, event sponsorships, and annual giving to support organizations that share our values and represent causes we believe are important and worthy.  

    As a food producer we certainly know the positive difference a fresh, healthy meal can make and are proud to support the California Association of Food Banks. Since 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, we have committed to annual donations as well as sponsoring volunteer opportunities for employees to join us in support of the association's mission to end food insecurity in our own community. These interdependent people and their businesses reflect decades of hard work, risk, passion and ingenuity. Cheese has helped immigrants find their way in a new world. Cheese has built businesses that keep land and jobs in agriculture. Cheese has inspired chefs and nourished families. Help us on our mission in ending food security by purchasing our Cheese Cares gift pack, we will be donating 15% of each purchase to the California Association of Food Banks.  



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