Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg

Women's History Month Podcast - Episode 6: Coro Foods

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Throughout the month, we will be spotlighting women in business we admire and love to work with. Through pod-cast style interviews, you’ll learn  more about how they got their start, what motivates them, their mentors and more! We invite you to join us in raising a glass (or perhaps a wedge of cheese!) to women entrepreneurs everywhere because from our perspective, women who support other women are the very best kind, and there is always room at the table for greatness! 


Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg, owners of Coro Foods, a certified woman-owned company, bring new perspectives and voices to the cured meats industry. With a dedication to the finest ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and innovative flavors from around the world, their love for food propels them to consistently explore, experiment, and elevate their craft.


“I get excited by the idea of: we as women can show that things can be done differently, we can show that salami can be made with unique flavors and not necessarily traditional flavor profiles.” ~ Clara Veniard