Point Reyes Farmstead Wins Mindful Award for Best Cheese Product

Point Reyes Farmstead Wins Mindful Award for Best Cheese Product

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We are giving a HUGE cheese & thank you shoutout to the Mindful Awards for naming us the 2023 Cheese Product of the Year! We're about more than just great quality cheese at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co. We believe that promoting and supporting healthy environments and communities are just as important as creating a delicious product.


Mindful recipients are evaluated by an independent panel of experts based on a variety of criteria, ranging from brand principles, environmental impact, health, taste and transparency. We work hard to be a conscious company; always supporting our bottom line, the livelihoods of our employees and the economic health of our local community.


“Overall, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company's commitment to quality, sustainability, family heritage, community engagement, as well as amazing taste, collectively contribute to their reputation as a standout winner for Cheese product of the Year.” said Travis Grant, Managing Director of Mindful Awards.


To further amplify this commitment, we created Cheese Cares. It’s a way for us to leverage our platform through promotional fundraising, in-kind donations, matching programs, event sponsorships, and annual giving to support organizations that share our values and represent causes we believe are important and worthy.  Additionally, our success enables our ongoing ability to promote charitable efforts that benefit our staff, our neighbors, and our beliefs.


In a world where consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable and ethical choices, the Mindful Award recognizes and celebrates businesses and products that embody mindfulness and make positive contributions to society and the environment. As a multi-generational, women-owned business, our company’s mission highlights three priorities of focus: customer happiness, employee well-being and environmental sustainability. We are inspired to continue our journey of making the best quality artisan cheese, while fostering our values and being stewards of our land for generations to come.