stacked wheels of toma cheese

New Flavored Tomas Are Here

What do you call a favorite everyday cheese with a blend of the most fascinating flavors you can find?

Well, we call them


That’s right. We’ve created three distinctly different new flavored versions of our popular and endlessly versatile Toma. The rich texture and buttery flavor that makes Toma a true American original now comes in a selection of new flavors as unique as they are delicious.





Of course, it all starts with our crowd-pleasing classic. A semi-hard cheese with a creamy texture, buttery flavor and grassy-tang finish, Toma is our most versatile, any time, any table cheese. It’s great grated over avocado toast and makes the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Pair Toma with hard cider and hoppy beers.





California’s North Coast meets the French countryside in this blend of classic Herbs de Provence with a flavorful mix of rosemary, basil, marjoram, savory and wild thyme. What could be more deliciously French than TomaProvence with a fresh baguette, on a board full of olives and charcuterie and a big, buttery chardonnay.





The distinct, aromatic flavor of truffles combines with Toma’s grassy-tang finish for an earthy, buttery delight. If you’re a true truffle fan, you’ll find TomaTruffle makes a savory snack all on its own. You can grate it over potato chips or other salty snacks for a cheesy essence of Toma and pair with a dry sparkling wine.





With its blend of heat, umami and nutty flavors, Shichimi Togarashi (nori, toasted sesame, poppy seeds, chili flakes and ginger) gives Toma’s classic flavor an unexpected twist. For a unique treat, melt TomaRashi into scrambled eggs. For a distinctly Japanese snack, wrap it in seaweed and serve it with an icy-cold gin & tonic.