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More Cheese Please

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company is expanding into Petaluma.

Slowly, carefully, family-run and hands-on.

Here at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, we take the same attentive approach to growing our company as we do to making the artisan cheeses people love so much. To that point, we’re proud to announce the groundbreaking of our new, state-of-the-art custom cheesemaking facility in the city of Petaluma. (That's Sonoma County for you unfamiliar with the region, about 22 miles from our HQ in Point Reyes.)


The new creamery will be a production and aging facility for the company’s pasteurized cheeses: Fresh Mozzarella, Toma, Bay Blue and Gouda. Original Blue, our flagship, raw milk cheese, will continue to be lovingly made on the farm in Point Reyes.

We thought long and hard about the ifs, whens and hows around growing the company. The Petaluma location makes great sense for us, offering better access to our network of distributor partners (the plant is located within throwing distance to Highway 101). Expanding our company to Petaluma also brings our family story full circle, as Great-Grandfather Tobias Giacomini raised seven children on a chicken ranch not far from our new location.


As the first expansion beyond the Marin County dairy farm our family has owned since 1959, this is an exciting move for us, allowing us to supply more cheese to those who need and want it most. That means Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese will appear on more menus, in more markets across the country and beyond - to wherever our wonderful network of distributors takes us.

Construction has begun and will take approximately six months and we hope to be making and distributing from Petaluma by the end of the year. Meanwhile, back at the Farm in Point Reyes, the news of our expansion goes mostly unnoticed, particularly by the cows, with routines in and around the creamery remaining pretty much the same.



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