Lagunitas beer bottles in a bucket

Lagunitas Beer: A Secret Ingredient Revealed

Okay, you’re probably wondering, “Is there really Lagunitas Beer in Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese?” Well, the technical answer is yes. However, before you move your Bay Blue to the liquor cabinet, here’s the deal. For the last five years or so, our neighbors and good friends over at Lagunitas Brewing Company have provided us with their brewer’s malt as a nutritional supplement for our dairy cows. The tasty by-product of the brewing process is both delicious and highly nutritious for the cows, providing a sustainable source of protein and fiber. The brewer’s malt also assists with ruminant digestion – all of which directly impacts milk production, reproduction and overall health. And, stop us if you’ve heard this before, but healthy cows are the key to the top-quality milk that is the key to the fresh, natural taste of our cheese. Because brewer’s malt is high in moisture and highly-perishable, Lagunitas delivers it direct from the brewery in Petaluma every two to three days. The herd gets about 20 lbs. a day blended in with their daily diet. So, yes, our cows are fed Lagunitas Brewing Company brewer’s grain. But, no, the cows, and the cheese-eater, don’t get any alcoholic effects. I know, bummer, right? Still, it’s good to know that two local favorites can work together to find fun, sustainable ways to make things that taste great.