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Gifts For Cheese Lovers

Whether your sister-in-law's birthday party is around the corner or you are on the hunt for a Valentine’s Day present, gift-giving is time-consuming. We all know it’s the thought that counts, but giving an item or experience that your loved one will actually use makes all the difference.

If you have a cheese lover in your inner circle, we are here to help. From a curated pack of Point Reyes Cheese to a cheese tasting experience, we rounded up gift ideas for any cheese lover. Let the gift-giving begin!


For The Party Planner

Hosting is their middle name, your bestie who can throw a perfect party complete with hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, music, and a warm & welcoming ambiance. You know they’re running a million miles a minute to get everything party-ready, so give them the gift of one less thing to do by sending a cheese collection that’s ready to serve right out of the chilled and insulated shipper (well, almost)! 

cheese board

Our Crowd Pleaser Cheese collection is the party in a box, containing everything they need to make the perfect delicious cheeseboard. Packed with a selection of our crowd favorite cheeses, dried fruit, nuts, crackers, and more. The Crowd Pleaser, come with everything you need to create a drool-worthy charcuterie board, including  a cheese knife.


For The Experimental Chef 

This loved one can be found in the kitchen or scrolling through new recipes online. Gift them with a new gadget for the kitchen: a fondue set. 

We love this cast iron fondue pot or dishwasher-safe fondue set, they’re beautiful and oh so easy to use. However - you can't give a fondue set without cheese!  

Toma is the perfect gift to give alongside a brand new fondue set. It’s the ultimate melting cheese and incredibly versatile, so they can dip anything from bread to fruit, meat, and more. 

Original Blue is also an excellent cheese for fondue recipes. It’s a workhorse in the kitchen, with a balance of sweet cream and a bold, peppery finish. It is delicious with fondue dippers like steak, veggies, and potatoes.


For The Organized One

If your organized friend hates one thing, it’s a mess. A cheeseboard can get messy once everyone dives in, so we suggest giving your loved one accessories and tools to keep it clean. Cheeseboard utensils can range from bowls to spoons to spreaders — anything to help guests enjoy a cheese platter. 

Bowls: Using small bowls can help break up your cheese board and avoid any mess. We suggest using bowls for honey, mustard, jams, and spreads. We love this set of 4 serving bowls to allow for a wide range of cheeseboard accompaniments. 

Utensils: Having the right tools to dig into a cheese board can make the entire experience more enjoyable! We always make sure to include:


  • Cheese knives (which happen to be included in all of our gift collections!)
  • A honey dipper to avoid a sticky disaster 
  • Spoons or spreaders for each condiment. There is nothing worse than someone double-dipping the mustard spoon into the honey. This serving set of 5 is a sure-fire way to make sure guests can enjoy each accompaniment. 


      Speaking of spreaders, your gift recipient will thank you if you also send the Spread the Love pack from Point Reyes. 

      This (WARNING: ADDICTIVE) collection includes two tubs of our award-winning Pimento Cheese, plus a box of Rustic Bakery Sel Gris Bites and a handy (you guessed it) cheese spreader! 

      Why two tubs, you ask?  Because upon opening the first container, the backup will immediately be devoured and more than appreciated.


      For The Newbie Cheese Lover 

      This person has recently stepped out of their comfort zone and found their love of cheese. Help them explore the scrumptious world of cheese by giving them a taste of the essentials in a cheese gift basket.

      We recommend creating a cheese basket with all the stapes. Include Point Reyes Toma cheese as it is extremely versatile for any table, anytime. Or go with something more traditional like our Aged Gouda which is handcrafted using traditional methods and aged for 16+ months. 

      If you don’t want to go through the trouble of hand-selecting and putting together a gift basket. Use the ultimate shortcut and send them our Everyday Essentials cheese collection.  


      For One Who Needs A Getaway

      Giving an experience is priceless, especially when cheese is involved. Treat your loved one to a visit to the Point Reyes farm for a tasting of our award-winning cheese. 

      point reyes farm

      Guests will enjoy an abundant cheese board, including perfectly selected and house-made accompaniments. The Point Reyes hospitality team offers both public and private cheese tastings. With all events taking place overlooking the Point Reyes farm — this is sure to be a picture-perfect and cheesy memory!


      A One-Stop Shop For Any Gift

      No matter the occasion, everyone loves the person who walks in with a cheeseboard. Sharing a memorable experience along with quality cheese is at the heart of our company. We strive to provide a unique culinary experience to cheese lovers everywhere. 

      As a 100% women-owned and family-operated business, we are constantly evolving and bettering our cheesemaking and farming methods to be more sustainable while honoring tradition. We are confident our cheese will bring a smile to that special person in your life.