A grouping of cheese wheels

A (literal) Overview of PRFC in 2 Minutes

Reuters features us in their new series on small American manufacturers.

Reuters called us up one day to tell us they wanted to include Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company in their new video series, Generation Maker. The series focuses on small manufacturers finding creative ways to make innovative products. That’s definitely us. So, of course, we answered with a resounding “yes.”


A few short days later they showed up at the Farm with a video crew, including a drone – which was a new experience for the cows. (They’re used to having their pictures taken on a regular basis, but not from the sky.) Still, the happy herd couldn’t have cared less about the drone, having better things to think about in the current landscape of lush green grass, --so we ended up with some awesome footage from high above. We told the story of our operation from a high level -- in both words and pictures -- with a manufacturing focus. Even Bob got involved for some airplay. Big thanks to Mark Berniker and Bootstrap Media and to Reuters TV for including us in the series!