Father's Day Favorites

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The best gift for The Big Cheese in your life! This collection is bursting with flavor, complete with TomaRashi, Bay Blue, Gouda, and Quinta. Plus, rock star accompaniments to spice things up: Creminelli Sopressa, Savannah Bee, Hot Honey, and Rustic Bakery Sel Gris Bites. This is sure to be a favorite to celebrate your most special guys. 


Included in this pack:

  • 6oz TomaRashi 
  • 5oz Bay Blue 
  • 5oz Gouda 
  • 10oz Quinta  
  • 2oz Creminelli Sopressa
  • 3oz Savannah Bee Hot Honey
  • Rustic Bakery Olive Oil Sel Gris
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